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Barbarian politicians: Najib, Mong and Frusis Lebi at the gates of conscience

Barely a week has passed since Prime Minister Najib Razak apologized for BN's mistakes, and we are already served with more damning evidence that his coalition has no intention to change, apology or not.

BN will just continue doing what it does best - abusing and bullying the people who voted them in. By their actions, Najib as the head of BN has been exposed to be insincere to the core. The apology is not just a mere play on words to pull wool over the eyes of voters, but a cold, calculated and deliberate tactic to gain public sympathy because he knows full well that BN would never allow real reforms to happen.

Thus, it did not surprise anyone when the immediate reaction from his own Umno party was a big, huge snub. His own deputy Muhyiddin Yassin said there was no need to rake up the past and that it was time to move on. But how to move on? And where to move on to? Malaysians would love to walk forward in unison as one people, but they are kept back by the sheer absence of reforms. It is for this reason that they hanker for a new government.

DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang was among those who pointed out that Najib's apology was "torn apart" by Muhyiddin. "As if Muhyiddin's message was not clear enough, another UMNO leader, its information chief, Ahmad Maslan declared that 'UMNO needs mandate to fix its mistakes' – which was an open and public rubbishing of Najib's 'apology' as it tantamount to a proclamation that UMNO need not and would not be able to correct its 'mistakes' unless Barisan Nasional wins a two-thirds parliamentary majority in the next general elections!" Lim said in his statement.

BN never fixes its mistake, take a look at Mong - the 'barbarian' BN politican

But Lim Kit Siang knows full well, BN never fixes its 'mistakes'. They are too arrogant to do so, and this is proven in the case of Mong Dagang who shocked the nation by the crudity of his threat to stop extending government aid to Frusis Lebi, a disabled Sarawakian farmer.

Now, Mong is known for his pompous ways and his love for using official letterheads to parade his high office. Even in Frusis' case, Mong made sure to issue the instruction to not help Frusis was written on his ministry's official letterhead. And what was Frusis' crime? Well, the farmer admitted he had supported the political opposition in the 10th Sarawak state election held in April 2011.

Despite the fact that almost a year had passed, and Mong himself had managed to retain his seat, there was no compassion for Frusis. Mong, the Sarawak agriculture minister, went at the poor handicapped farmer at full throttle, as if it was a personal grudge.

Even the handicapped will not be spared if they support the BN

But it was not. It was another devious ploy by BN government to send the awful message that no one will spared. Crippled or full-bodied, as you support the opposition, you will be BN's enemy No. 1. Fine, if that what the BN wants. But the BN has no right to stop governmental allocations meant for the needy, the poor and the disabled. Is the BN saying, all the money in Malaysia belongs to it and is not owned by the Malaysian people collectively?

The public sees this as a gross injustice by a parliamentarian against a citizen, yet Mong has refused to apologize but instead keeps on trying to justify his stand on ending all aid to Frusis. "As a man of principle, I am not going to back out," Mong declared. "We cannot continue to give welfare assistance and subsidies because he is a strong opposition supporter!"

Should the people apologize to the BN then?

Such is the depraved mentality of the BN leaders. Their utter arrogance and scare mongering cannot be ignored anymore. Will Najib Razak, as head of the BN apologize for Mong's arrogance towards the people of Malaysia? Should not Najib at the very least punish Mong for bullying the people?

After all, if it could happen to Frusis Lebi, it could happen to any other Malaysian in any other state. Already, the news has traveled like lightning from one state to another. The people are being forced to swallow the brunt of BN arrogance and refusal to give up power to the new choice of the people. Should the people then apologize for voting for the opposition?

Corruption in black and white and on official letterhead?

Meanwhile, it has also come to light that Mong, being the principled man that he claims to be, had even petitioned for kickbacks from an oil palm plantation developer using official "Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak" stationery.

Part of the letter reads : "As an elected representative of the area I hereby authorized Mr Kho Chee Pheng (IC NO. 540905- 13 – 5653), of No.34, Three Hills Park, Lorong 2, Jalan Foochow Road No.1, 93300, Kuching, Sarawak, to propose, organize and invite any potential investor(s) intending to established and to develop on a joint venture basis with the landowners on oil palm plantation at Kelingkang Range, (Bukit Begunan), Sri Aman, Sarawak

"I the Undersigned hereby agree that the investor(s) will have to pay at least RM1000,00 per acre and after deduction of the up front to LCDA the balance will be divided 50% to the undersign and 50% to Kho Chee Pheng

"I also agreed that any of the three companies, Noble Reserves Sdn Bhd, Noble Resources Sdn Bhd or Noble Rewards Sdn Bhd to be used for the joint venture with the investor)s). Together herewith I enclosed my personal and curriculum vitae and also three (3) photocopies of our nominees Identity Cards, namely Bawang Ak Dem (IC NO. 660424-13-5886), Leyta Kupa (IC NO. 651120-13-5532) and Henry Yan Masing (IC NO. KP553094) for you to register into any of the three companies

"If you need any assistance please do contact me."

The benefactors of the kickbacks demanded for those lands are Mong Dagong's wife, James Masing's brother, and the wife of Masing's private secretary. A company search has confirmed that the main shareholders of Noble Rewards Sdn Bhd, the firm to be used for the 'joint venture' proposed in the crooked scheme, were Bawang Anak Deru, Mong Dagang's own wife; Henry Masing, James Masing's brother and Leyta Kupa, wife of James Masing's private secretary Wilson Ugak.

Running on corruption and insincerity

Who will apologise for this bit of abuse by BN elected parliamentarians?

And Mong had the cheek to take away Frusis' relief!

What kind of a country are we living in when the rich and powerful can step on the backs of the poor and the disabled? When the women folk of interiors can be raped at will by workers of large timber firms with close connections to Taib Mahmud, the chief minister? When the chief minister and the prime minister preach moderation and piety, and then rush off together to Monte Carlo to party till the wee hours of the morning, spending in one night more money that Frusis could ever hope to see in 100 life times!

The reality is that Najib - himself under fire for corruption over his daughter's engagement party - would never on his own dare to raise a squeak. Given the enormous bad publicity, the BN may engineer a situation for Najib to grab some glory by taking a 'personal interest' in Frusis' case. But would he dare to issue a public order that no Malaysian should ever be discriminated against for his or her political beliefs.

Even this morning, Bersih 2.0 committee member Maria Chin Abdullah was barred from entering Sarawak to meet up with a local group of free-and-fair election watchers. This after Najib promised to change in the aftermath of the brutal July 9 Bersih rally. And just a week after his famed or should it be infamous apology.

But this is Najib. He runs on insincerity. To him, life is a public relations game. As long as the media splashes out on the front page his apology and a large photo of his face, he thinks he has done his job. He doesn't think further than that and consequently believes that the people too stop at the same limited point as him. But they don't.

Written by  Maclean Patrick, Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle
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