Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Selangor lawmaker blames Noh Omar for fertiliser delay

UPDATED @ 05:10:06 PM 15-11-2010
November 15, 2010
Noh was accused of cronyism in the award of fertiliser contracts in Selangor. — file pic
SHAH ALAM, Nov 15 — Sri Muda assemblyman Shuhaimi Shafiei accused Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Datuk Noh Omar today of delaying fertiliser handouts to farmers throughout Malaysia that could affect padi production.

Shuhaimi said the federal government has yet to supply fertilisers to farmers, pointing out that fertilisers should have been given in early October.

“Until now, no fertiliser has been given. The fertilisers were supposed to be delivered to all farmers by early October,” Shuhaimi told reporters today.

“There are complaints from farmers nationwide that the delay in handing out fertilisers has affected padi production,” he added.

Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lim predicted that the delay would cause a 30 per cent decline in padi production.

“If the fertilisers are sowed late, padi production will drop by 30 per cent,” he said.

Shuhaimi also alleged that Noh had awarded a contract for fertilisers in Selangor to an Umno Youth division chief, but did not name the individual.

“The contract was given to a certain Umno Youth division chief. We ask Noh Omar to explain this,” said Shuhaimi.

“Noh Omar does not need to worry about Yayasan Selangor. He needs to worry that farmers have not gotten their fertilisers,” he added.

Noh, also the Selangor Umno deputy chairman, had claimed over the weekend that the cost of Yayasan Selangor’s 40th anniversary luncheon would exceed RM800,000, instead of the foundation’s RM300,000 figure.

The luncheon was scheduled for today but was cancelled after the Selangor Sultan snubbed it over its exorbitant cost.

Today, Shuhaimi claimed that farmers in Tanjung Karang in Kuala Selangor had also sought help from Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

“If farmers in Tanjung Karang look for Pakatan Rakyat, something is wrong in Umno and BN (Barisan Nasional),” he said.

Ng reportedly received complaints from farmers in Tanjung Karang recently, who claimed that the federal government was shortchanging them by buying padi stocks from them at a low price.

The Sekinchan assemblyman also alleged that he was assaulted by at least 30 men, whom he claimed were Umno members, when he tried to meet the farmers.

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They need to mix with sand first before they can distribute it. That is why the delay.
trial&error PM's avatar

trial&error PM · less than 1 minute ago

It's quite clear.With so many such sub standard ministers around,Malaysia will be stuck in
this low performance trap for a long, long time.
Awarded a contract to UNMO Youth ? If its true thats cronism
UMNO Youth consisting of young people are learning the ropes of corruption and thats bad news
Assaulted by UMNO people ? You should make a Police report as NOBODY is above the LAW
Minister of Agriculture you better look into these iso of worry about Yayasan Selangor spending.
Farmers short-changed ? another area you must look into it seriously.
Minister your hands are FULL.
1 reply · active less than 1 minute ago
Try eat ubi keledek with bubur then......

More nutrtious then rice!
If Noh Omar was made into fertilizer the crops would fail for several generations.
Norr OmaH also had been the Menteri Pertaniian dan Asas Tani and pls elaboorate on the millions of taxpayer's money on ur senseless programs during ur time. Pls don't forget how u as the Menteri Usahawan HANDLED MARA FUNDS (millions) for the so-called Mara entrepreneurs. NOW PLS EXPLAIN WHERE HAS ALL YOUR FERTILISERS GONE TO ??? Umno need more ministers like u so that BN can die faster .
SPRM now you should do you job , investigate this whether there is something to do with money going into whose pockets ?
Another infertile mind.
not only were the ferilizers delayed but the subsidized "racun perosak" were also not given to specifications. there are many complains not only from selangor side but the northern areas whereby specifications were changed last minute resultng in farmers not getting the right product and some not getting the product at all tho its subsidized. more than 20,000 farmers were affected.....well we have donkeys running the govt....
Make a trip up north ! All the farmers are suffering.......

Subsidized fertlizers costing RM25 were sold by farmers to "crony" agents at RM5 then redistribute back to other farmers. Why ?? Fertlizers not up to specs and can't be used. Wake up NOH, all the subsidized input for padi not up to the required standard and teh country becomes a dumping ground for "racun perosak" by the jews...

YB Suhaimi and Ng Suee Lim is WRONG. According to the latest figures, padi yield drop by 50% latest season. Which means the shortfall of padi this year cld be 60% instead of the original 30% shortfall. Good for BERNAS.....make more money to import rice

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