Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jalan Sabar folks run out of patience

By Dawn Chan

SHAH ALAM: They live on a road called Jalan Sabar but don't talk about "patience" to them.

The 80-odd residents are fed up of waiting for conditions at their flats to improve.

For many years, they have been living with electricity disruptions, uncollected rubbish and poor building maintenance.

They had appealed to Sri Muda assemblyman, Shuhaimi Shafiei, for help.

He made a few phone calls and demanded that the management solve the residents' problems.

"It is not right for the residents to suffer all because some of them did not pay maintenance fees. They certainly can't be living in the dark, " he said.

In the latest incident, flat dweller T. Ramesh said they lived without electricity for three days last week.

"It should not take Shuhaimi's visit for the management to fix the switch box as electricity is one of the necessities in life," he said

He added that most of the residents were tenants and were unaware of the unsettled maintenance bills.

"The building management should speak to the owners and not punish the tenants," he added.

Another resident, G. Sargunam, lamented that though he has been paying maintenance fee without fail, the flats were still poorly maintained.

"It's not fair to me and my family. I pay my share of RM25 monthly," he said.

Shuhaimi had asked Shah Alam city councillor, Vembarasan Vairakkannu, to help set up a Joint-Management Body (jmb) to resolve the residents' problems.

Electricity supply was reconnected after Shuhaimi's visit.

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