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Sri Muda rep pleads not guilty to sedition charge

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February 07, 2011

SHAH ALAM, Feb 7 — Selangor's Sri Muda assemblyman Shuhaimi Shafiei pleaded not guilty when he was charged with sedition in the Sessions Court here this morning.

He was charged over his statements on the state secretary impasse that were posted in his blog, www.srimuda.blogspot.com, on December 30 last year.

If convicted, Shuhaimi (picture), 42, faces a maximum jail term of three years, a fine of not more than RM5,000, or both under section 4(1) of the Sedition Act 1948.

The PKR central leadership council member was accused of committing the offence under section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act at his service centre in Kota Kemuning here.

He had opposed Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi’s contentious appointment on January 1 as the state secretary.

Last month, the Selangor Anti-Fraud Coalition (GAPS) and Malay rights group Perkasa lodged a police report against Shuhaimi for allegedly insulting the Selangor Sultan on his blog.

Shuhaimi, dressed in a white shirt and black suit, was calm as the charge was read out to him in the packed courtroom.

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar and Selangor executive councillors Dr Xavier Jayakumar and Yaakob Sapari were among those present in the courtroom.

Judge Latifah Mohd Tahar set bail at RM8,000 with one surety.

DPP Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria had earlier urged the court to set bail at RM20,000, calling the offence “serious” as it allegedly involved sedition against the Selangor Sultan.

Shuhaimi’s lawyer Amer Hamzah Arshad, however, slammed the DPP’s suggestion as “oppressive”.

“If a RM20,000 bail is set for an offence that has a RM5,000 fine, it is beyond absurdity. It is injustice,” Amer told the court.

Shuhaimi’s other lawyer, Edmund Bon, had asked the court to set a personal bond instead of bail.

“If today, a bond is given, he doesn’t have to pay RM20,000,” said Bon.

“It is just his word that is security. As an assemblyperson, my client will not abscond,” he added.

Shuhaimi’s third lawyer, N. Surendran, said the lawmaker would file an application to strike out his sedition charge on grounds that the Sedition Act is unconstitutional.

“We will be filing it in the High Court here soon,” said Surendran.

Outside the courtroom, Surendran accused Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail of using the Sedition Act to attack the federal opposition.

“There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Sedition Act is abused by the A-G... to oppress those who speak out against the government,” Surendran told reporters.

“The office of the A-G must be reformed now. One man cannot have so much power,” said the human rights lawyer.

Surendran also demanded for the abolition of the Sedition Act.

“If the government says we are a free country, abolish the Sedition Act. Drop the charges against Shuhaimi,” said the PKR vice-president.

Amer said the Sedition Act was unnecessary as the federal constitution guaranteed freedom of expression.

“This charge is a political charge,” Amer told reporters outside the courtroom.

Besides Amer, Surendran and Bon, Shuhaimi’s other lawyers are Latheefa Koya, Yusmadi Yusoff, Fahri Azzat, and Nizam Bashir.

The court set March 28 for mention of the case.

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jemey · 7 hours ago

berani cakap berani tanggung...
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Rocketeer · 7 hours ago

A good ADUN is one who constructively writes with sincerity on assessment on the state's political developments. Are we not into intelligent reps to be wakil rakyat. What happened to freedom of speech written in noble and educative thoughts for discussive purposes??
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1 money · 6 hours ago

They say you are guilty that's means you are guilty. Malaysia boleh!
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Johan · 5 hours ago

How do you know he is not guilty? Let the court decide after hearing from both the Prosecution and the defence lah. Why come to a conclusion when the case has not started yet. Orang yang bersalah saja yang takut-kalau takbersalah tak takut bawalah kemanapun.
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Lanauputra · 4 hours ago

Orang yang tak salah tak takut Tetapi takut tak adil. You know what human being will do to bodek their boss.
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Kenny · 3 hours ago

I read in The Sun, Teresa Kok says that the state govt will bear his legal cost with the rakyat's money because he defended the State govt. I wonder if she is going to use rakyat's money again to defend any tom, dick & harry bloggers who could be charged or sued for making libelous statement while defending her state govt.....
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Utusanlayu · 7 hours ago

I know that you are not guilty and the whole world knows that it was Parti Songlap 1 Malaysia and PERKOSA who makes you look guilty.
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Baba · 7 hours ago

Yes. Malaysians are watching. It is a plot to topple Selangor Government, like the Perak plot.
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Jsn · 7 hours ago

He is rakyat's voice.a good YB...not guilty
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mike · 3 hours ago

Kings, dictators and corrupt leaders are afraid to have their dirty laundry being washed in public. All institutions must be able to stand up to public scrutiny and debate ie good governance.
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Malaysia Bersatu · 6 hours ago

No 1Malaysia, what we need is MALAYSIAN BERSATU.
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Dr. Ng Khor Wee · 6 hours ago

To the Malaysian Insider:

Please exercise editorial accuracy and provide the direct weblink to the blog post concerned.

This is journalistic ethics, so that readers can judge for themselves whether as in this case the ADUN has committed any wrongs or not.

Otherwise, we are simply tainting his name.

Dear readers, the blog article concerned can be found here:

Please read and judge whether what is said there is sedition.

From what I read, there is absolutely nothing impolite or seditious in it.

Thank you.
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Roger · 4 hours ago

Yeah, I don't even detect a hint of seditious remarks.

How can the cops charge him for sedition? Did they even do their side of the investigation before charging him?
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aruna · 6 hours ago

IPERKASA and UMNO will be very happy with this persecution of a hard working, dedicated and committed State Assemblyman. Shuhaimi need not worry for the people are with you. They will kick your opponents out come next election. Carry on with the good work and the people will be with you YB.
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homo sapien · 6 hours ago

I am not quite sure how and who decides it's seditious? Did his action cause the government it's creditability?
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Parameswara · 6 hours ago

Next Deputy MB in the making!
Thank you BN.
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Kim · 5 hours ago

We, the Rakyat of Malaysia, in this Court of Public Opinion, find the Defendant, YB Shuhaimi Shafiei, NOT GUILTY as charged.
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Frenchman · 5 hours ago

Apa kesnya? Mana ada kes? Tak ada kes!

But I think for Surendran to argue the Sedition Act should be abolished is too much to talk together with this non-case.
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MM-thir · 5 hours ago

In the arguments presented before court, counsel should highlight actions / speeches made by Mahathir on the monarchy - if those are not seditious then how could Shuhaimi's be by any stretch of the imagination???? That would put the judge in a real spot
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Steven Lau · 5 hours ago

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BetterThanEver · 5 hours ago

With PERKASA ever willing to lodge police reports and AG ready to prosecute, all MPs might as well be ' yes' men to the ruling government ! And once the government gags on internet, we too will be yes men or else what we write will be deemed `seditious'. All this and yet the government says we are a democratic country. Come on, we malaysians are ain't that stupid!
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newmalay · 4 hours ago

Don't they learn from the Egyptian experience? The kleptocracy could use repressive laws to cow the rakyat but there will be a point when the rakyat will overcome the fear...then no laws, no special branch, no pekida can contain the explosion
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My Oh My · 4 hours ago

His statement has agitated a lot of people especially the Malays. A matter concerning the Sultanate Institution is a sensitive issue for the Malays, but yet PKR leaders still choose not to respect this.

Strict action should be taken on ADUN Sri Muda for his statement. It’s clear that he has no respect or what so ever for the Sultanate Institution.
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jcliu 113p · 3 hours ago

After reading the article, I feel Shuhaimi's analysis of the matter is upmost rational and nothing wrong and seditious. To the public this is simply persecution and oppression by the State. If the polis is fair and enthusiastic in carrying out justics, the former PM(spiritual leader of PERKASA) would be the one in jail because what he had uttered and done during the constitution crisis was far too much for ordinary people to comprehend.

Source: Malaysian Insider.

"Rakyat Hakim Negara" - Editor

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