Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lies, Lies and Lies!

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May 4, 2010

by Din Merican

Today the mainstream media reported that the friend of 15 year old Aminulrashid who was shot dead point blank by the Police gave a press conference. In that press conference, the surviving friend, Azamuddin Omar, gave his version of the shooting incident that totally contradicts the police’s version. If the police knew he would do this, he would have been hunted down and shot dead too! And what was the police version explained by IGP Musa Hassan?

According to IGP Musa, the dead boy tried to ram into the policemen, forcing the police to shoot. According to Musa, the boy is a criminal because a parang was found in the car, implying that the boy was a criminal, a fleeing felon who can be shot at will. According to Musa, a moving car is a dangerous weapon, obviously ignorant of the meaning of dangerous weapon/arm in the statute. According to Musa, he/the Police are telling the truth; there is no cover up and if the Malaysian public does not trust what he says, he will pull back the police from the streets and “confine to barracks”. Confine to barracks is a military term to indicate a boycott. That means Musa wants to boycott the public. That means Musa wants to boycott Malaysia, because under the Police Act and the Federal Constitution, it is the Police’s duty to maintain law and order in a civil times.

Let us pause for a moment. Let us analyse Musa’s words, can and should the Malaysian public trust Musa Hassan, the No.1 Policeman in the country?

Is this not the same man who climbed the ranks to become IGP after fixing up Anwar Ibrahim with his mattress carrying antics in Sodomy 1. Isn’t he the same Investigating officer who made up stories about the scene of the sodomy when the building was not even ready? Isn’t he also the one who worked hand in glove with the Along syndicate and released that criminal and twice RR detainee Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh while 6 of his officers and the Director of Commercial Crimes Dato’ Ramli Yusuff and his lawyer Rosli Dahlan got charged? Wasn’t he the one who worked with Dato Christopher Wan to create a fictitious blog to fix up Dato’ Johari Baharom. That blog is like the parang that the poice now planted in Aminulrasyid’s car. Bapa borek anak rintik.

Isn’t he the same IGP who appeared as the 75th Witness in Dato’ Ramli’s trial in Sabah who was denounced by Judge Supang Lian as ” an incredbible witness whose evidence is not to be believed”? That is legal phraseology to say Musa is a Liar!

Is that any surprise then that Razak Baginda go scot free while 2 rank and file officers get the hangman’s noose in the murder of Altantuya? Is there any surprise that Malaysians do not believe the police, the MACC, The AG, the judiciary and ultimately the Government? People like Musa Hassan, Gani Patail etc are cancerous cells, and more are growing to be like them because they are deemed successful for willing to do all the wrong and evil things. And we Malaysians are to be blamed for keeping mum!

Just look at the charade in Teoh Beng Hock’s Inquest. It is most revolting to see the lies and cover ups perpetrated by all these guardians of our public institutions. They have become so bold that they will even lie to us openly. Pak Lah, that supposedly religious ex Imam-PM even lied about the two oil wells he surrendered to Brunei and in return got nothing. He lied about getting sovereignty over Limbang. If an Imam-PM like Pak Lah can lie openly, what do we expect from PM Najib whose image is much improved now although he was implicated in the Altantuya Shariibu Murder?

I am expressing all these anger and disgust because I am just about to leave for the KL Criminal Sessions Court No.10, located at the left wing of the Jalan Duta Courts’ complex, where Judge Bakar Katar presides over the trial of Lawyer Rosli Dahlan. I have seen lies by the MACC Deputy Director of Prosecution Anthony Kevin Morais when he gave evidence previously. After 6 days, he is still on the stand. Today will be his 7th day. I expect to see and hear more lies spewing from his mouth when he is cross examined by Dato’ K Kumaraendran, Rosli Dahlan’s counsel.

I am revolted by all these lies. They do it in the newspapers, in Parliament and even in the courts while under oath. That Kevin Morais will lie in order to do in an innocent man like Rosli Dahlan has re-affirmed my resolve to expose all their lies. I will expose all these lies until we bring about genuine reforms!”

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